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Do Ligbi Mask Ivory Coast / Ghana Wood, pigments H.: 42 cm. This mask presents a profusion of decorative graphic signs, in relief and enhanced with pigments, both on the face and on the board above the top of the skull. The face has the characteristics of the kpélié masks of neighbouring Senoufo: wings representing the fruits of the kapok tree, small powerful legs that resemble the legs of a chicken (sacrificial animal). The half-closed eyes with raised corners accentuate the impression of interiority and serenity. In the Bondoukou region, which was once an important trading centre, this parade mask was used during Muslim festivities. The Do ceremony closes Ramadan or Muslim fasting. This object was generally little used as a late replacement, before being integrated into colonial circles as an object of knowledge or ornament.Consultant : Jean-Pierre LACOSTE

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