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Kpwan mask of the Baoulé goli Ivory Coast Wood, pigments H.: 34 cm. Anthropomorphic mask with feminine naturalist features. However, the hermaphroditic character is suggested by the goatee extending the chin. The red oval-shaped face is surrounded by a dark rib, joining at the eyebrow arc, inscribing the face in a heart-shapedfield. The curved forehead is marked with raised scarification (keloids). The nose with hemmed nostrils is straight. The small rectangular mouth is carried forward. A large carrying collar pierced in its lower part with holes used to fix the bit that the dancer clenched between his teeth. The kpwan mask intervenes in the Goli ceremony and appears last. The dancer wears a leopard skin on his back, a symbol of royalty and power. Replacement object, when the original was sold, harvested, stolen or destroyed, often made by the same sculptor as the original, this object was used.Consultant : Jean-Pierre LACOSTE

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