BABBAGE CHARLES: (1791-1871) English Mathematician & Inventor who originated the concept of a programmable computer. A good A.L.S., C Babbage, two pages, small 4to, n.p., 15th April 1827, to 'My dear Sir'. Babbage informs his correspondent that he feels the Royal Institution 'would be the best place for making public the views you mention respecting the illustration of mechanical subject' and adds 'I think there could be no objection to your lecturing in the same place where Davy, Dalton, Dr. Roget and Dr. Young have frequently done', further explaining that he has written to the manager of the Royal Institution 'in such a manner that they might if they chose propose some remuneration for the expense you might be at in bringing the necessary apparatus from Ireland' and also stating 'They however do not seem to have viewed it in that light, but they express a perfect willingness to allow you to give a few lectures on the subject and will make arrangements as to the time on your arrival in London'. Babbage further informs his correspondent that he is aware that the Royal Institution have a 'full supply of lectures for the season' although comments 'You however are not committed and if you disapprove of the plan can easily drop it. I think that no situation in London is so desirable with reference to your views'. Autograph letters by Babbage of this size are rare; the scientist generally preferring to use much smaller stationery for his correspondence. A few light spots of foxing and some slight traces of former mounting to the left edge, not affecting the text or signature. About VG

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