SANGER FREDERICK: (1918-2013) British Biochemist, Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry in 1958 & 1980. Autograph Manuscript, unsigned, two pages, 4to, n.p. (Cambridge?), n.d. (1990s). The incomplete manuscript (the pages numbered 9 & 10 to the upper edges) relates to DNA sequencing and states, in part, 'To the remaining low phosphate medium a log culture of E. coli strain JM101 in 2 x TY…..were added and 1 ml added to the tubes. The cells were grown for 6 - 10 h and the DNA isolated as previously described (Sanger et al, 1980). Usually the cultures were combined before isolation and several regions were probed for at the same time. The isolated DNA was finally dissolved in 30 - 60 ml of the hybridizing solution…..This was sufficient for 5 - 10 filters. A random library of sonicated lambda fragments (average size 500 nucleotides) was prepared…..and cloned. Individual pure plaques were usually transferred to fresh plates so that there were about 50 per plate. Blots were prepared using nitrocellulose filters and hybridization and washing carried out…..Radioautographs were developed with fluorescent screens for 1 - 3 days and DNA prepared from the plaques giving a positive response….' Together with a brief A.L.S., F Sanger, one page, 8vo, Swaffham Bulbeck, Cambridgeshire, n.d. (March 1995), to Ursula Esse, forwarding the two pages of manuscript. Accompanied by the original envelope. Three file holes to the left edge of each page of manuscript, not affecting the text, and with a few very light, extremely minor creases. VG, 2

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