CORNFORTH JOHN: (1917-2013) Australian-British Chemist, Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry, 1975. Autograph Manuscript Signed, John Warcup Cornforth, two pages, 4to, n.p., June 1981 (although signed later). The manuscript, with various corrections, is a retained draft of a letter by Cornforth to Hermann, evidently a colleague, and states, in part, 'I am feeling at the moment like a boy on holiday, having at last finished the Woodward manuscript. The last part (drawing 184 structures by hand, nearly all of them complex molecules…..) took much time and effort from a bad draughtsman (me). I am at the stage where the manuscript, instead of being God-awful nonsense as it seemed while writing it, begins to make sense and quite possibly to have some merit. Todd did a very good personal biography to precede my part and we may perhaps publish this memoir and our memoir of Robert Robinson as a single volume later on', further discussing travel and accommodation arrangements for a trip to Munich in October for a Workshop and also remarking 'I am shocked that EJB rejected your paper - the standard of refereeing must have fallen since I left them! Certainly you could have expressed the material more briefly - one always can, with enough effort - but what about the kinetics? I am no expert on these and the impression I got from the paper was that you were constructing a consistent explanation for all the data, without this necessarily being the only possible explanation. Kinetics, after all, seldom prove anything. Could you have done more?'. Marked by Cornforth to the upper right corner of the first page as having been sent on 18th June 1981 and signed, in a different ink, at the conclusion and dated 6th June 1986 in his hand. Together with an A.L.S., J W Cornforth, one page, 4to, Brighton, 25th May 1978, to Helga Schumacher, on Cornforth's personal printed stationery from the University of Sussex. The letter, which ordinarily would seem to have accompanied the manuscript draft wer

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