PRIGOGINE ILYA: (1917-2003) Russian Viscount and Physical Chemist. Awarded with the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1977 for his works on dissipative structures and irreversibility. Autograph manuscript signed `I. Prigg´, one page, folio, n.p., n.d., in French. Prigogine responds to three questions that his correspondent annotates to the heading of the document. To the first question referring to his scientific beginnings, Prigogine states `Thanks to the support I received from my teachers and especially professor Th. De Donder….´, to the second question about the way he could finance and live at that time, Prigogine refers to his first job `I was appointed at the Brussels university immediately after finishing my university studies..´, and to the last, asking ''which one of your works do you consider the most important, the Nobel laureate states `My main work has been about…the irreversible phenomena.´ Prigogine signs a second time at the base `I, Prigogine, Proffesor of the Sciences University in Brussels.´ VG

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