MIRABEAU HONORÉ COMTE DE: (1749-1791) Honoré Gabriel Riqueti. French Writer and an early Leader of the French revolution. President of the National Constituent Assembly 1791. A successful orator who became the voice of the people. An excellent and rare A.L.S., `Mirabeau l´ainé´, (''Mirabeau the Eldest''), one page, small 4to, Paris, 5th October 1790, to M. Dubuisson, in French. Mirabeau expresses his opinion on the issue of Assignats to finance the Republic and states `Dear Sir, your proposal referring to the assignats you honour me with, saying that you think it would be convenient not to produce notes below two hundred pounds but to increase gradually by ten pounds after ten pounds up to 300, and those of 300 up to 400, seem to me very ingenious and deserves to be deepen.´ Mirabeau further comments `It allows to overcome difficulties, but I do not know if it would satisfy all the needs.´ Mirabeau further says that he remains open to any improvement on this proposal and encourages his correspondent to share his views with the Finance Committee. A bold black ink autograph letter by Mirabeau six months before passing away. With blank integral leaf. Small overall age wear and toning, G The ''assignat'' was a type of a monetary instrument used during the time of the French Revolution. Mirabeau often attacked Necker's ''caisse d'escompte'', which had the whole control of the taxes, usurping the Assembly's power of the purse, and for this reason he heartily approved the system of assignats. Mirabeau remains still today a controversial figure, considered by some a leader who almost saved France from the terror, by others a demagogue lacking moral values, or even a traitor in the pay of the enemy.

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