CHAMPIONNET JEAN-ETIENNE: (1762-1800) French General of the Revolutionary Wars. Commander in Chief of the Army of Italy. Championnet died of typhus at the early age of 37. A good A.L.S., `Championnet´, a bold and large signature, one page, folio, Munster Maienfeld, 14th December 1796, to General Kleber, in French. The letter bears the printed heading of the ''Sambre & Meuse Army - Championnet General of Division''. Championnet forwards to General Kleber on a separate document a copy of the orders given to the troops stating `You will find enclosed, my dear General, the instructions given to the troops in case of enemy attack, as you requested to me in your letter. If you consider that some changes should be done, please report them to me..´ Together with a L.S., signed by Championnet´s adjutant, being a copy of his orders to the troops, two pages, folio, same place and date of Championnet´s autograph letter. The document is a detailed military letter, recommending all steps to take and tactical moves in case of an enemy attack. Paper with attractive watermark. Overall age wear, mostly to the upper and lower edges. G, 2 Jean-Baptiste Kleber (1753-1800) French General during the French Revolutionary wars and architect. After having served one year in the French Royal army, he entered the Habsburg service seven years later. Kleber served in the War of the First Coalition and also suppressed the Vendée revolt. He returned to military service to accompany Napoleon in the Egyptian campaign. When Napoleon returned to Paris, he appointed Kleber as commander of the French forces. He was assassinated by a student in Cairo in 1800.

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