BONAPARTE JEROME: (1784-1860) King of Westphalia 1807-13. Younger brother of Napoleon Bonaparte. An extremely interesting and important A.L.S. `Jerome´, signed twice, two pages, 8vo, Florence, 26th July 1846, to his daughter Princess Mathilde, in French. Jerome Bonaparte reports on the death of his brother Louis Bonaparte the day after he passed away, and states in part `I have to give you a sad new, your uncle Louis has succumbed yesterday at 10h after suffering a stroke in Livorno.. when I learned this he was dying, I had no opportunity to go and close his eyes...´, further referring to the inheritance, Jerome says `..Louis inherites a fortune of nearly twelve hundred thousand francs, despite the 150,000 francs he leaves to his godson, and the Mantua villa which he bequeaths (according to what am told) to Don Louis, Lucien's son...''. Further again, Jerome refers to his brother´s wishes explained in his will, and states `I will get a copy of the will tomorrow.. he wants to be buried at St-Leu, next to his son and to my father, Will he be able ???´, and makes a prediction about his own fate` saying `If so, I am the only one remaining alive of all the Emperor's brothers and sisters, and I shall probably die, like the others, on the land of exile !!´ Jerome Bonaparte adds a postscriptum at the base of the front page, instructing his daughter `You have to mourn for two months.´ To the second page, most probably written the day after, Jerome states in part `We have just received your uncle´s will, and he has donated a souvenir to each of us; to me the lodge at the Pergola! to you the set with diamonds and ruby..´, and after a short list, adds a thought `I have to admit that I was not expecting anything, having being all through his life so cold and distant with all of us.´ Before concluding, Jerome adds one more donation referred on his brother´s will `He has bequeathed to the Grand Duke and to the Grand Duchess his large porcelaine vase and the large bust of the Emper

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