ISABELLA I OF CASTILE: (1451-1504) Queen of Castile 1474-1504. Catholic Monarch who ruled jointly with her husband Ferdinand II of Aragon as The Catholic Monarchs 1475-1504. They are recognized for laying the foundations for the political unification of Spain, and also for completing the Reconquista as well as their support and financing of Christopher Columbus´ voyage of 1492 which led to the opening of the New World. An exceptional manuscript letter, dated in 1483, signed by the Queen `Yo la Reyna´ (''I the Queen''), one page, oblong 4to, Miranda de Ebro, 2nd September 1483, to Sancho de Vergara, in old Castilian. The document bears at the heading the written text `The Queen´, stating below `Sancho de Vergara, I have discussed with Johan de Luxan, Knight of my Household, certain matters that he will share with you on my behalf. I do beg and trust you to fully believe him. Given at the town of Miranda de Ebro, 2nd of September 1483´. Countersigned at the base by Fernando Alvarez `As ordered by the Queen´. With a registration annotation to the verso, referring to the order given by the Queen and the matter related, being a lawsuit regarding property in the town of Corella, in Navarra. Only four months prior to our letter´s date, Castilian forces captured the last ruler of the Muslim Emirate of Granada, Muhammad XII, known as Boabdil, at the battle of Lucena. Overall age wear, with very slightly irregular edges, and very small toning, otherwise G

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