MARIA CHRISTINA: (1858-1929) Austrian Archduchess, Queen Consort of Spain 1879-85, as wife of King Alfonso XII. Maria Christina also served as Queen Regent of Spain 1885-1902. An official diplomatic L.S., Maria Cristina, two pages, folio, Royal Palace of Madrid, 15th November 1894, to the President of the Republic of Peru, in Spanish. The elegantly penned manuscript letter dates from Maria Christina's tenure as Queen Regent and states, in part, 'Moved by Our constant desire to continue to cultivate the good relations both political and commercial which happily exist between Spain and Peru, We have judged it appropriate to appoint as Our Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary in Your Republic Don Luis del Castillo y Frigueros……The distinguished qualities of Senor Castillo y Frigueros and his well-known zeal make Us hope that in the discharge of his important Mission he will succeed in earning Your goodwill…..' Countersigned by Alejandro Groizard y Gomez de la Serna (1830-1919) Spanish Politician, Minister of State 1894-95. With an attractive blind embossed paper seal affixed. With blank integral leaf. Some very light, extremely minor age wear, VG Andres Avelino Caceres (1836-1923) President of Peru 1884-85, 1886-90 & 1894-95.

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