BAO DAI: (1913-1997) His name being Nguyen Phuc Vinh Thuy. Last Emperor of Vietnam, of the Nguyen dinasty dynasty. Emperor of Annam 1926-45, under French Indochina protectorate. In March 1945 Japan took the control and ruled through Bao Day who renamed his country ''Vietnam''. Bao Dai abdicated in August 1945 when Japan surrendered. He would be elected Chief of the State of Vietnam 1949-55 until he was ousted in a fraudulent referendum. An exceptionally rare original Royal jade matrix seal, Emperor Bao Dai, Nguyen dynasty, the very attractive jade stone seal representing a dragon head. Together with a very rare and exceptionally important T.L.S., `Bao Dai´, signed in blue ink over his Royal seal, stamped in red ink and bearing the words ''VIET-NAM - PUC BAO DAI'', two pages, 4to, Dalat, 17th December 1953, in French. The typed document, bearing to the upper left corner a blind embossed seal of the State of Vietnam, and beneath the printed text ''State of Viet-Nam - His Majesty Bao-Dai'', is an important decree containing three articles, stating `His Majesty Bao-Dai, Chief of State,… Having seen the decree dated 6th June 1952, fixing the composition of the Government… Having seen the letter dated 17th December 1953 by President Nguyen-Van-Tam, submitting the resignation of the Government under his presidency, I decree 1) The Government resignation, constituted under President Nguyen-Van-Tam Presidency is accepted… 2) Until the decree fixing the composition of the new government is issued, all affairs remain granted by President Nguyen-Van-Tam and the members of the government under his Presidency. 3) The President of the Government, Vice-President, Ministers and Secretaries of State are responsible of the execution of the present decree.´ The royal seal on the letter decree was stamped by the Emperor with the matrix seal described above, and offered immediately after to President Nguyen Van-tam after his resignation as a gesture of gratitude for his loyal services. T

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