CHURCHILL WINSTON S.: (1874-1965) British Prime Minister 1940-45, 1951-55. Nobel Prize winner for Literature, 1953. T.L.S., Winston S. Churchill, one page, 4to, Hyde Park Gate, London, 24th November 1956, to Desmond Flower ('My dear Desmond'). Churchill writes, in full, 'I am so pleased to have the beautifully bound copy of Volume II which you kindly sent to me. Thank you very much'. A single file hole in the upper left corner does not affect the text or signature. Together with Flower's retained typed carbon copy of his original letter to Churchill, signed with his initials DF, one page, 4to, n.p. (London?), 19th November 1956, stating, in full, 'I have very great pleasure in sending you the second volume of the History of the English-Speaking Peoples bound in leather, to join the first volume which we had the honour of giving to you on 23rd April'. Also including a retained typed carbon copy of a telegram sent by Flower to Churchill on 30th November 1956, sending best wishes for a happy birthday from all at Cassells, and further including the original telegram (received copy) of reply from Churchill, sending his thanks, 2nd December 1956. VG, 4 Desmond Flower (1907-1997) English Publisher, Director of Cassell & Co. 1931-71.

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