HOOVER J. EDGAR: (1895-1972) Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from 1935-72. T.L.S., J. Edgar Hoover, one page, Washington, 17th October 1956, on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) printed stationery, to William A. Johnson. The typed letter bears in capital letters the heading ''Personal and Confidential''. Hoover warns a member of the bureau stating `In dictating a report dated September 10, 1956, in the Internal Security - R case involving Antonio Athanacio Kalecheff you failed to include in the details of the report pertinent information relating to the activities of the subject… If you had exercised sufficient care in preparing this dictation, such a discrepancy would not have occurred. Hereafter you will be expected to exhibit a higher degree of thoroughness and efficiency so that it will not again be necessary to criticise you for a delinquency of this type.´ Extremely small trace of a former staple to the upper part of the letter, otherwise VG

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