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Incunabula - Music Spechthart von Reutlingen, Hugo Flores musicae. With a text woodcut and a folded plate and numerous square notations in woodcut in the text, as well as rubricated initials Strasbourg, Johann Prüss, 1488th Gothic type (18-30 lines). 2 sheets (in facsimile), 98 sheets, last sheet empty (Sign: (*2), A - M8). HPrgt. d. At present on wooden cover with stroke iron lines and embossed ornaments and clasp in late. Chemise and slipcase (back defective, but binding firm). Library of Buxheim Monastery, (dissolved 1803) to Count Ostein (p. A1 (G.W.B.D.), probably Count von Waldbott-Bassenheim's domanial administration, William Hayman Cummings (1831-1915) (ex libris) and Alfred Cortot, pianist (Ex Libris) ISTC : is00637250, Goff F217, BMC I 121, BSB-Ink S-502, GW M42916, Polain (B) 2036, Wolffheim 1044. The volume has an export licence for cultural property of the Republic of France dated 29.10.2019. - Important musical treatise on Gregorian chant, consisting of four chapters Solmisation (the Guidonian hand), the monochord, intervals and ecclesiastical modes. Second incunabulum edition of this famous musical treatise, with one of the earliest examples of woodcut musical notation. - The first edition was published in Venice in 1485, but only a single copy has survived to this day. The book was used for teaching young choir singers, it became very popular in the following years and was widely published until the 19th century. His Latin writings, which are mostly written in verse, are important testimonies of musical education in the Middle Ages. - "Hugo Spechtshart von Reutlingen is the oldest demonstrable member of the Spechtshart family mentioned in Reutlingen up to the 16th century. After his studies, presumably completed in Prague, he worked as an early knife of his hometown. The documents mention him for the first time in 1329 and he was also chaplain at the Marienkirche. In 1331 he bought the Widemhof in Unterhausen and at

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