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Melanchthon, Ph. and Hyperius, A. I.: Melanchthon, Ph. Annotationes Phi. Melanchthonis, omnium eruditiss. In euangelium Matthaei pro communi christianismi commodo. (Tübingen, Ulrich Morhart the Elder), June 1523. 56 num. Bl. With Morhardt's Evangelist title border, dated 1522. II: Hyperius, Andreas. De Honorandis Magistratibus Commentarius, in quo Psalmus XX. Exaudit te Dominus &c. enarratur ... Eivsdem In Psalm XII. salvvm me fac Domine etc. In quo oratur, ut Dominus extirpatis omnibus erroribus, synceram doctrinam ubiq(ue) promoueat, paraphrasis. 2 parts bound together. Marburg, Christian Egenolph, January 1542. 8 nnum. Bl. Epistola Nvncvpatoria and index, 143 num. Bl., 1 sheet white, 44 num. Bl. III.: Menius, Justus. The C. vnd XXVIII. psalm / of the holy marriage. Wittenberg, (Veit Creutzer), 1550. 68 nnum. Bl. (A-G8, H4, J8). Kl.-8°. Beautiful pigskin wooden cover band of the time on three genuine frets with string iron fillets, single stamp blind pressing and with intact, original clasps. I.: VD16 M 2494. - Steiff/Tübingen supplements 491.2. - II.: VD16 G 1411. - III.: VD16 B 3523. - Very nice, well-preserved collection from the first half of the 15th century in original condition. - I.: Early edition of Melanchthon's lectures on the Gospel of Matthew, which were published in numerous prints. This is one of the first prints by Ulrich Morhart in Tübingen. He had been printing in Strasbourg since 1519 and had moved to Tübingen in 1523, where he enrolled on May 20. The Evangelist title border of 1522 is described in Steiff (Erster Buchdruck in Tübingen, p. 30). II: First edition of this psalm commentary by the theologian Andreas Hyperius (i.e. Andreas Gerhard, Ypres 1511-1564 Marburg), who had received a call to the University of Marburg in 1541, where he taught at the Chair of Theology until 1564. He is the author of the great Hessian church order. III: First edition of the commentary on the 128th Psalm by Justus Meni

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