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Acquaviva, Claudio Ratio atq(ue) Institvtio Stvdiorvm Societatis Iesv. Svperiorvm permissv. Mainz, Balthasar Lipp, 1600th title page with coat of arms of the Jesuit Order, 2 sheets, 187 p., 1 white sheet, 20 sheets Index. Prebound II: (Ignatius of Loyola). Regvlae Societatis Iesv. Dillingen, Johann Mayer, 1599th title page with the coat of arms of the Jesuits, 306 p., 1 sheet. Index, 1 white sheet Kl.-8°. Flexible parchment ribbon of the time on three full-length frets and colour cut, cover and spine decorated with double fillet of stroking iron (somewhat stained, closing bands removed). I.: De Backer/Sommervogel I, 488, 14th - USTC 68 9851 - VD16 ZV-59 - German first edition of this milestone in the history of education and training. The Ratio Studiorum is a guide or instruction for learning, a kind of study regulation for Jesuit schools, of which around 1600 already more than 1000 existed worldwide. Under the General Claudio Acquaviva (Atri/Naples 1543-1615 Rome) this authoritative guide was elaborated over a period of almost 20 years and first published in its final form in Naples in 1599. At the same time as it was printed in Dillingen, the present Study Regulations, printed in Mainz in 1600, were published for the first time in Germany and for the first time outside Italy and remained in force until the Order was abolished in 1773. The Ratio Studiorum is characterized by unity, firmness and clarity of purpose and means as well as by a systematic order in the training of the intellectual abilities of the students. It is not a systematic structure of the educational system at the Jesuit colleges, but offers the teaching material and methods in the form of a collection of practical rules for the heads of the universities and grammar schools and their executive organs. - II: De Backer/Sommervogel V, 103rd - USTC 690506th - VD16 I-51st - Late Edition of the Rules of the Society of Jesus (Societas Jesu, order abbreviation: SJ), whi

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