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Forest science Wilhelmi, Herbert Forest monuments in Saxony. Typescripts and proofs with approx. 290 mont. original colour, Polaroid and some b/w photos. Around 1997-2003, perforated loose sheets in 3 ring binders and numerous loose sheets in envelopes (DIN A 4). Concerns the parts "Westlicher Landesteil", "Mittlerer Landesteil" and "Dresdner Heide und Nordostsächsischer Raum" edited by the local historian and historian of local history and forestry Herbert Wilhelmi (1934-2015) and published in Bautzen in 1997, 1999 and 2003 by the Saxon Forest Association. - With address stamp, eh., tls. sign. Notes, deletions, corrections and additional Wilhelmis note sheets. - The photographs together with photographers mostly inscribed hs. and typogr. - Besides: Letters in typescript with eh. Signature of Wilhelmi to Michael Hempel (Tharandt, 1999) and eh. Letters from Klaus Dittrich and Michael Hempel to Wilhelmi (1998/99). - Collection of various Documents concerning the forestry scientist Erwin Kienitz (1902-1979), head of the Technical College for Forestry and the Institute for Forest Economics and Dean of the University of Applied Forest Sciences in Tharandt. - Contains letters with eh. Signatures of H. Fleiß (TU Dresden), Walter Schindler, Dr. Ruffer, Julius Speer, Jaromír Cízek, Herbert Grafe, K. Horn, G. Hildebrandt, Eugen Costin, F. Liebscher, Teodor Balanica (Bucharest), Josef Jungo and others - congratulations on the 60th and 70th birthdays, among others, in the red Ldr. folder of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany. - Manuscript "Urania Lecture. The Forest and the Technical Revolution." (1969). - Newspaper clippings etc. - All in all well preserved. *

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