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Music Furtwängler, Wilhelm Furtwängler: Collection of 12 objects (signed). Original document. A collection of twelve objects about the important German symphony conductor: a large-format photograph with handwritten inscription on passepartout, a signed photo postcard, an original photo portrait, three signed typewritten letters, two handwritten signed postcards, a signed music manuscript, an original press photograph, a signed programme of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and an unused photo postcard. 1915-1951. format from ca. 8 x 13 cm to ca. 22 x 28 cm. Contains: 1) Wilhelm Furtwängler press photo. Frankfurt, United Press. Original b/w photo of Wilhelm Furtwängler in conversation with Ernst Fischer. A rare United Press acne photo from 23.5.50. 2) Signed photograph, mounted on cardboard. 9 March 1944, with an inscription. Signed by Furtwängler and photographer "HR" on the passepartout. 3) Signed photograph. Signed "Furtwängler", with ink under the picture Rare b/w portrait photography (by Fayer, Vienna). 4) Signed music manuscript. Musical notes by Philippe Boegner on the verso. Three bars of music from an unidentified composition. Furtwängler added: "In old, more than twenty years of unchanging friendship". 5) Letter from Wilhelm Furtwängler to the General Director, dated 12 September 1930, signed by Furtwängler. 6) Signed typewritten letter. "Dr. W. Furtwängler", Berlin, 23 October 1931. 7) Handwritten and signed postcard. W. Furtwängler, Mannheim, 1915 (postmark), to the violinist Melanie Michaelis (1882-1941). 8) Signed typewritten letter. "Wilhelm Furtwängler", Milan, April 15, 1951. With corrections by hand. 9) Handwritten and signed postcard. Mannheim, dated May 29, 1924. To a music publisher in Leipzig. 10) Unused postcard of a b/w reproduction of a photograph showing Furtwängler reading a newspaper. Name in pencil twice on the back. 11) Original photo portrait of Furtwängler. Mounted on cardboard. Around 193

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