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Facsimile Les Chroniques de Jherusalem abregies. (The Chronicle of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem). (Vienna, Austrian National Library, Cod. 2533). Facsimile and preliminary commentary. Facsimile with coloured and gold-enhanced miniatures, and typographic text booklet. Munich, Idion, 1980. 57 x 30 cm. Parchment over wooden covers with gold embossed RShild and 3 bone pin clasps or marbled cardboard band, the latter on parchment strands with wooden peg in the inner cover of an OHalbleinen box. One of 950 numbered copies of the colour full facsimile after the original (call number 2533) of the Austrian National Library (total circulation: 1205). - Almost fresh from the publisher. - Enclosed: OVerlagsprospekt with 3 sheet facsimile proof in gold and colours. Obturation with cord binding. - Photocopy of the commentary volume to the facsimile of the Viennese facsimile edition of 1924, published by the publisher. Mchn., K. Wolff, 1924.

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