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Orient Oppenheim, Max Frhr. von The Bedouins. With the collaboration of Erich Bräunlich and Werner Caskel. 4 in 5 volumes. With 3 frontisp., 32 plates, 8 folded. Maps and 4 folded. genealogical tables. Leipzig, Harrassowitz, 1939-68. 4°. OLwd. (vols. 1-2) and OKart. (sth. light-grained, partly sth. spotted). Standard work. - Probably the most comprehensive work on this topic. - Contains: I. Bedouin tribes of Mesopotamia and Syria. II. In Palestine, Transjordan, Sinai, Hedjaz. III. Northern and Central Arabia and Iraq. IV/1 The Arab tribes in Khuzistan (Iran), pariah tribes in Arabia. IV/2. register. - Completely very rare, as they were formed over a period of 40 years. - Vol. IV, T. 1 twice available. Probably the most extensive work on this subject. - Very rare to find complete, since it was published over a period of 40 years. - 4 in 5 vols. With 3 frontispieces, 32 plates, 8 folded maps and 4 folded genealogical plates. - Orig. Cloth (Vol. 1 and 2) and Orig boards. - Added: Vol. IV, p-1.

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