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Astronomy Huygens, Christian Cosmotheoros, sive de terris coelestibus, earumque ornatu, conjecturae. The Hague, A. Moetjens, 1698. 1 sheet, 144 p. Modern Ldr. with rich blind tooling, rich R-gilding and golden RTitel. Dictionary of Scientific Biography VI 597-613, L. Thorndike, A history of magic and experimental science VII, 634 ff, Bierens de Haan 2226, Poggendorff I, col. 1165, Thijssen-Schoute, L., Nederlands Cartesianisme, pp. 64 - 68, Welcome, III, p. 324 - First edition of the famous work . The treatise is in two parts, which is intended to prove the probability of the assumption that in his Copernican world view there are other inhabited planets in space besides the Earth. The first book, based on a survey of doxography (Brahe, Bruno Cusanus and Kepler, among others), develops the argument that the other planets of the solar system are probably Earth-like and are home to plants, animals and rational beings, which are thought to be endowed with the same kind of reason and similar senses as man. Huygens draws a vivid picture of what they might look like and how they might live (ships and houses, society, writing, science, music). The second book contains a discussion of the structure of the solar system and the universe, which also deals with the Cartesian vortex theory of planetary motion. After a review of Kircher's Iter extaticum, Huygens presents the conditions on the planets from Mercury to Saturn, the Earth's moon, the moons of other planets, and finally the Sun, taking into account the fixed stars as other Suns orbited by even more planets. The treatise was published posthumously by Huygens' brother Constantijn, to whom the work is also dedicated. The book was extremely popular and was translated into several languages shortly after its publication. Huygens (1629-1695) was a Dutch astronomer, mathematician and physicist. Although he never used the infinitesimal calculus, which was still developed during his lifetime, he

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