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Botany Dioscorides, Pedanio I. Herbal Book Deß Ancient and in all the world most famous Greek scribes Pedacii Dioscoridis Anazarbaei: Of all kinds of fragrant herbs, spices, delicious oils and ointments, trees, resins, gum, brewed, culinary herbs, pungent tasting herbs, and others, so alone to the Artzney belongs ... With title in red and black, with two title vignettes, printers mark, one folded. Woodcut plate and 569 text coppers. 2 tle. in 1 vol. Cut open Frankfurt, Bringer for Corthoys 1610. 6 sheets, 469 p., 1 sheet, p. 474-616, 18 sheets (register). II. M. Realdo Colombo, Anatomia :that is: meaningful, artificial, founded dissection, division and dissection of a perfect human body and body, by all the same internal and external limbs and vessels, so as to be explained with an appropriate description, as being procreated with living contrafactures ... With stung. title vignette and 41 (instead of 44 text plates and 1 folded. plate. 4 sheets, 269 (p. 273), 1 w. Sheet Schweinsldr. d. at present with rich roller and plate stamps (HSE,1601) and metal clasps. I.) Nissen BBI 498, Pritzel 2322 - Beautifully illustrated German version of Dioscorides Materia Medica with Brunschwig's book of methods of distillation. One of the most famous and probably rarest herbal books of its time. First edition by Uffenbach Revision of the German translation of Dioscorides Materia Media by Johann Dantz von Ast, published in 1546. The second part with separate title page "Ars destillandi oder Diestellier-Kunst deß wohlerfahrnen Hieronymi Braunschweig. Good copy. II) Nissen, ZBI 921 Note, Waller 2075 - First German edition of Anatomie Co- lombos, which contains the first description of the pulmonary or small blood circulation. The volume consists of 3 parts, each with its own title page dated 1608. Attached to Colombo's text is the first German edition of Volcher Coiter's "Diversorum animalium sceletorum explicationes iconibus illustratae" with a furt

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