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Descartes, René Le Grand, Antoine Institutio Philosophiae Secundum Principia D. Renati Descartes: Nova Methodo Adornata & Explicata. In Usum Juventutis Academicae. With more. Text woodcuts and 4 folded. Copper plates. Londini, Martyn, 1678. 12 sheets, 622 p. 4°. Ldr. d. Zt. (back rubbed, slightly pushed). Probably 4th edition, without frontispiece - Autopsy n.d. Expl. Havard Univ. - Wing L 955th - Le Grand (1629-1699), a Franciscan friar, introduced the works and philosophy of Descartes in England, Germany and France and made them known. This exposition of the Cartesian principles was intended for students at universities and deals with the principles of Crtesian. philosophy, physics, astronomy and zoology. - A little bit browned resp. a little bit stained, occasionally with a narrow water streak, 1 copper plate with small missing part in upper corner and with a glued tear. *

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