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Euclid 16th century anthology with 5 scientific works in 7 parts on optics, mathematics and astronomy. - Contains: Euclid. Optica & Catoptrica. 1557th - Euclid/Cleonides. Rudimenta musices. 1557. - Theodosius Tripolita. Sphaericorum libri tres. 1558. - Pitati, P. Compendium super annua solaris. 1560. - Gaurico, L. Calendarium ecclesiasticum. 1552nd (add. in) Blind embossed pigskin binding on wooden covers with 2 clasps, dated 1561 (Haebler II, 146, 1560.4) (somewhat stained, spine pasted with paper). Splendid anthology in a contemporary binding. - Contains: I. Euclid. Optica & Catoptrica, nunquam antehac Graece aedita. Eadem Latine reddita per Ioannem Penam. 2 parts in 1. Paris, Andreas Wechel, 1557. 10 sheets, 48 p., 2 sheets, 64 p. With 2 woodcut printer's marks and more. Text woodcarving - First separate Greek edition of Euclid's text and first edition of this Latin translation. "Euclid's Optica was the first mathematical explanation of a theory of seeing. Euclid ignored the physical and psychological aspects of seeing and limited himself to what could be expressed mathematically. Thus Euclid was able to develop a theory of seeing along strictly geometrical lines by setting straight lines of vision. The sixty-one theorems of Optica, which are based on the geometric system of elements, remained authoritative until Kepler's time. - Adams, E-1020. - Pogg. II, 399. - Schweiger I, 111. - Smith, History II, 338. - II Euclid/Cleonides. Rudimenta musices. Eiusdem sectio regulae harmonicae. E regia bibliotheca desumpta, ac nunc primum graece & latine excusa, Ioannis Pena. interprete. - Paris, Andreas Wechel, 1557. (16), 10 Bll. With printer's mark. - First Greek single edition and first edition of this Latin translation. Cleonides' treatise is the clearest presentation of the technical aspects of Aristoxenus' music theory. - RISM Bvi, 296th - Gregory 85th - IIIrd Theodosius Tripolita. Sphaericorum, libri tres, nunquam antehac

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