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Household and agriculture Glorez, Andreas Complete Hauß- and Land-Bibliothec, where the basis of unadulterated knowledge is to be found, which can be used by a court, merchant, Hauß Burgers and land man for his own benefit. 4 parts in one volume. With pre-title, died. frontispiece, title sheet in red and black print, 10 head vignettes, 5 folded and 54 full-page. copper plates (6 of which tables). Regensburg, Heyl, 1699. 3 sheets, 450 p. - 2 sheets, 239 p., 2 sheets, 54 p. (Appendix) - 2 sheets, 108 p. - 2 sheets, 98 p., 24 p. (index), 5 sheets (appendix), 32 p. (index). 4°. Splendid pigskin binding on 5 frets, stroke iron lines, plate and roller stamps, handwritten RTitel (discolored) and metal clasps (rubbed and somewhat spotted). Rare, first edition of this universal baroque compendium, splendidly and decoratively bound. - Lindner 11.0727.01 and 11.0729.01. - Cf. Horn/Arndt 262, Schoene 1702/03, Drexel 17 and Georg 217 - "Famous and much-cited house book of his time with remarkable contents". This extensive work of literature on housefathers covers, among other things, general agriculture and housekeeping, horse husbandry, animal husbandry, cooking (with numerous recipes and illustrations of carving sets and instructions), hunting, bird-catching, beekeeping, etc., and also contains medical advice and instructions on manual work. - Due to the paper some layers browned (partly more so), frontispiece closely trimmed, with water streaks in places, with hilarious flaws and tears. But all in all very fine copy, for a use book of excellent preservation. With half title, engraved frontispiece, title page printed in red and black, 10 head vignettes, 5 folded and 54 full-page copper plates (among them 6 tables). Splendid pigskin binding with 5 raised bands, blind tooling, handwritten title on spine (discoloured) and metal clasps (rubbed and somewhat stained). - Rare first edition of this universal baroque compendium, splendidly

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