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Medicine Fries, L. and J. Dryander I. Fries, Lorenz. Mirror of the artzney, made use of and consolation to the Leyen before times ... again improved by the same laurentium and placed in its first shine. With broad figural woodcut title border. Strasbourg, Balthassar Beck, 1532 II: Johannes (Eichmann) Dryander, Aetzenei Mirror: Gemini content of the same, West bede a body and surgeon, in which theory, practice, and surgeon are entitled. With advertisement valued physicians, for all bodily infirmities ...With title woodcut, numerous text woodcuts in text and woodcut printer's mark. Frankfurt am Meyn, Christian Egenolph, 1547. 1 white sheet, 6 nn. sheet, 142 rom. num. p. - 4 nn. sheet 153 num. Bl., 1 white bl. Gr.-4°. Pigskin strap over wooden covers and on 4 frets, with rich blind embossing by roller stamps and forged clasps (restored using the original cover material, this with defects). I.: Muller II, 308, 53rd - Ritter, Cat. 1027 and Rép. 896 - Kristeller 576th - Benzing, Fries (in: Philobiblon VI/2, 1962, pp. 121ff.) 31st - Choulant, Graph. Inc. 141; Durling 1665; Waller 3268; Wolfenb. 581; cf. VD 16, F 2876 and Benzing, Bibl. Strasb. 643; not in Adams, Lesky, Osler, and Wellcome. - The main work of the Colmar physician Fries, first published by Gruninger in 1518, is considered the first medical book in German language. Here in the new edition procured together with Otto Brunfels (one of 3 variants from the same year). On the title page of this edition it is pointed out that all editions before 1532 are now obsolete: "Hereby revoked, and misdeclared, all copies of the book that left before this truck". - Fries was an adherent of Arabic medicine, which he vehemently defended. The work was intended to be a mediator between physicians and the lay public and deals with all areas of medicine, including epidemics, pharmacy, etc. - The magnificent title woodcut, attributed to Hans Weiditz, shows portraits of the most important physician

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