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Medicine - Physiognomy Collection of 3 rare titles on physiognomy and chiromancy. 1615-1792. Contains: I. Fox, Samuel. Metoposcopia & ophthalmoscopia. With 24 copper and 2 woodcut portraits. Strasbourg, Theodosius Glaser for Paul Ledertz, 1615. 8 sheets, 140 pp. Class -8°. (Mod.) HLdr. with RTitel. - First edition of one of the earliest works on the semiology of the eye. - VD17 23:294709Q. - Wellcome I, 2468. - Caillet 4248. - Graesse, Bibl. mag.-pneum. 104th - Rosenthal 953rd - Tanned, with numerous annotations by old hand, sheet 2 stamped. - II. Hagecius (Ab Hagek), Th. Compendium metoposcopico-chiromanticum ... together with Gerbers Chiromantio. With gest. Frontispiece. o.o. and doctor, 1714. 92 p. Kl.-8°. Pgt. - Cf. Wellcome III, 190 (ed. 1710). - Not in the KVK. - Resolutions with notes by old hand. - III Fischer, J.P. Der Menschenspiegel or practical. Manual, ... to judge people by their facial features... 2 parts in 1 volume. With numerous copper plates. Pra, Schönfeldt, 1792/93. pp. at present - first edition. - Partly somewhat browned.

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