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Medicine - Psychology Freud, Sigmund The interpretation of dreams. Leipzig and Vienna, Franz Deuticke 1900 (1899). Title, 1 sheet, 371 p., 2 sheets Table of contents and bibliography. 8°. Beautiful book on 4 frets with gilt RTitel on RSchild, leather corners and cover with marbled paper. In linen book case with gold-tooled RTitel. Garrison-Morton 4980th - Grinstein 277th - Printing and the Mind of Man 389th - Grolier/Medicine 87th - Norman F33rd - First edition, with the motto after Virgil on the title page: "Flectere si nequeo superos, acheronta movebo" ("If heaven doesn't hear me, I'll call hell to help"). Although the book was already published on November 4, 1899, the publisher intentionally dated the title page to the 20th century. The work appeared in an edition of only 600 copies because the publisher was concerned that the essay might not be of interest to a wide audience: in fact, the book sold so badly that a second edition was not necessary until 1909. - The "Interpretation of Dreams" is considered a fundamental work of psychoanalysis and contains the central theses and themes of Freudian theory (including the unconscious, repression, early childhood sexuality, the Oedipus complex, libido, the revelation of hidden conflicts as a therapeutic method, etc.). The interpretation of dreams was the "Via regia (lat.: the royal road) to knowledge of the unconscious in the soul life", therefore Freud collected his own and other people's dreams and began to analyse them. According to his assumption, secret, repressed desires express themselves in our dreams. - This first edition is considered the last scientific revolution first published in book form (Cohen, "The scientific revolution"). - Bruno, The Tradition of Science, p. 167f: "His book represents the first attempt at a serious scientific study of the phenomenon of dreams, and Freud always regarded it as his greatest effort. (...) It is somewhat fitting that the first year of t

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