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Schlotheim, Ernst Friedrich von The Petrefactologist explains his current position by describing his collection of petrified and fossil remains of the animal and plant kingdom of the prehistoric world. (and) First addendum in 2 parts. In addition: Petrifactions from v. Schlotheim's collection. 2 volumes. With (add.) 66 copper plates. Gotha, Becker, 1820-1823. currently published by HLdr. d. (text volume, 8°) (and) printed original cardboard (plates, 4°), (somewhat browned and bumped, loosened, small back injuries). First edition of the original text with 1st supplement (without the 2nd supplement published 1 year later). - Nissen, BBI 1777 - BMC (Nat. Hist.) 1841 - Pritzel 8244 - Die 2 Tafelbänder mit allen Tafeln, partly published 1804 in his "Beschreibung merkwürdiger Kräuterabdrücke ... 1804 or printed for the above edition, with additional plates, all dated from 1801 to 1805 and 1820 to 1823, add. 66 plates - In the introduction (of the above mentioned work) he gives a good overview of the state of palaeontology at that time and makes the very correct remark that the forms and classes of the fossils of the animal and plant kingdom become more and more strange and unknown the higher the relative age of the mountain formation increases ... In fact, S. can be called the founder of a new scientific treatment of fossilizations in Germany" (ADB XXXI, p. 550-51). - The plates only in the richer parts of the margins a little bit brown-spotted, in total a good specimen. First edition of the original text with the first amendment. With 66 copperplates. Cont. half calf (very fresh) and orig. wrappers (used and spotted, plates quite fine). *

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