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Zoology Gessner, Conrad Historiae animalium. Opus Philosophis, Medicis, Grammaticis, Philologis, Poetis, et omnibus rerum linguarumque variarum studiosis ... Editio secunda novis iconibus nec non observationibus non paucis auctior, atque etiam multis in locis emendatior. 6 parts in 2 volumes. With title and head vignettes, initials and over 1000 (partly full-page) woodcuts. Frankfurt a.M., H. Laurentius, 1617-21. 22 sheets, 967 p., 3 sheets, 99 p., 6 sheets, 732 p., 12 sheets - 20 sheets, 1052, 30 p., 8 sheets, 170 p. Folio. Pgt. d. At present on 5 frets with handwritten titles on the back, stroke lines, and blind-tooled covers (clasps missing, covers somewhat warped, corners bumped, joints chipped, somewhat spotted). Second Frankfurt edition (third Latin edition). - VD16 G 1723, G 1724, G 1730, G 1738 and G 1744 - Adams G 532, 534-535, 538-539 - BM STC German 358 - Rudolphi 384, 438, 454, 487 and 827 - Nissen ZBI 1549, 1550, 1553 and 1556 - Nissen IVB 349 (III.). - Complete copy of the Gessner animal book with all six parts: 1) Liber Primus: De Quadrupedibus viviparis (1620), 2) Lib. II: De Quadrupedibus oviparis (1617), 3) Lib. III: De Avium natura (1617), 4) Lib. IV: De piscium et aquatilium animatium natura (1620), 5) Lib. V: De serpentium natura (1621) 6) De Scorpione. (1621). - The Historiae animalium, published in Zurich in 1551-1558 and later (1617) in Frankfurt, is the first example of a modern zoological work that describes all animals known at the time and is intended to provide a first written bibliography of natural history. An encyclopaedic work that is considered "a Renaissance inventory of zoology". "The doctor and naturalist Konrad Gesner (1516-1565) is one of the founders of modern zoology. His animal books represent the definitive zoological work between Aristotle and the publication of Ray's Classification of Fauna" (Carter-Muir 77). "It seems that Gessner's intention to publish an encyclopaedia of animals was es

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