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Weaving mill Biehler, Tobias Practical instructions for each drawing of the Jaquard machine. (Vienna, 1839) Austrian author's manuscript of the 19th century in German language on paper, with lithographed presentation title on Otto, King of Greece, manuscript dedication sheet and autograph manuscript signed by Biehler on his preface and on the "Allgemeine Anmerkungen" (= general remarks) loosely inserted text of two pages. Collation: 3 sheets backed with 48 silk patterns with gold edges, 90 text sheets and elaborate diagrams, some of them full-page, 46 woven patterns drawn on thin cardboard, many of them facing each other on large flyers and captions, page remains torn off in the binding at the beginning although the whole is apparently complete. Contemporary green velvet binding with gold embossing, preserved in a custom-made folding box. Cross folio. Provenance: Jonathan Hill, 1987 to Tomash, Tomash & Williams Add5, Sothebys, 19 Sept. 2018. no. 842 - Splendid Austrian manuscript on weaving with Jacquard looms. The manuscript contains instructions, illustrations of looms, fabric samples, thread samples and 12 pages with punch cards, weaving samples and samples of silk fabrics. The author was the Viennese silk manufacturer Tobias Biehler (1810-1890), who wrote the manuscript three years before his weaving machine was patented. His machine was first privileged and patented in 1843 (see: Collection of Laws for the Archduchy of Austria under the Ens, volume 25, no. 4103). This invention made up Biehler's later fortune. At the third Austrian Trade Exhibition in 1845 (Vienna) Tobias Biehler exhibited his newly invented Jacquard loom and two portraits on silk, which were produced with this machine. With his company he became a wealthy citizen, later a councillor and art collector with a rich collection of miniatures, gems and cameos. The Jacquard loom was used in the textile industry worldwide in the 19th to 20th centuries, and his punc

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