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Sieglin, Ernst Excavations in Alexandria: Expedition Ernst Sieglin led by Theodor Schreiber. The Greek-Egyptian collection. Part 3: The vessels in stone and clay, bone carvings. Edited by Rudolf Pagenstecher. With 60 (17 coloured) plates and 188 text illustrations. Leipzig, Giesecke & Devrient, 1913. XI, 253 p. Folio. Splendid original canvas with gold embossing and three folios. Gilt cut (design J.V. Cissarz). First edition, splendid copy. - Expedition Ernst Sieglin, excavations in Alexandria. Volume II, Part 3 - Ernst von Sieglin was a Stuttgart businessman and patron of the arts. Together with an English chemist he developed a powdered soap as a substitute for conventional detergents, which he produced in several factories and marketed very successfully. He financed two archaeological expeditions in Egypt and their documentation in scientific publications. He added to the "Greek-Egyptian Collection Ernst von Sieglin" acquired during the expeditions and gave the collection away to museums in Stuttgart, Leipzig, Dresden and Tübingen. First edition. Splendid original cloth with gold embossing and three-sided gold cut (designed by J.V. Cissarz). Expedition Ernst Sieglin, excavations in Alexandria. Volume II, Part 3. Folio. *

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