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Harsdörffer, Georg Philipp Frawen room conversation game. 2 Tle. in 1 vol. Each with title in red and black and folded double leaf size engraved. Frontispiece, one full-page engraving each on the title page verso as well as a total of 15 full-page engravings. Copper engravings, 1 double-page large copper engraving (living chess game), 30 copper engravings in the text and some notes. Nuremberg, Endter, 1641-1642. cl. -8°. Pgt. d. Currently with i.e. RTitel (bumped, somewhat spotted, back cover snapped). Hardly findable first edition of this rare baroque work. - VD17 23:234173N. - Dünnhaupt, p. 1980, 8.I f. - Contains: Frawen's Room Conversation Game. As with the honoring companions may be beloved for useful enjoyment. First part. Except Spanish, French, and Italian scripts instructed by Georg Philipp Harsdörffern, Nuremberg, in relocation of Wolffgang Endters 1641. 236 unpag. p. - And: That. As with the praiseworthy companions with pleasing benefit may be loved and practiced. Another part. Written in German language except Spanish, French, Italian scripts, together with an encore titled Das Schau-Spiele Teutscher Sprichwörter. By a comrade of the Highly Fruitful Society. Nuremberg, Printed at Wolffgang Endter 1642. 7 sheets, 356 p., 23 unnum. Sheets - The first two fly-leaves with tear-off and section resp., frontispiece backed in the fold, lateral cut and margins partly somewhat spotted, all in all well preserved. - The work was published in an extended edition 1644-1657 in 8 transverse octave volumes. The author Georg Philipp Harsdörffer (correct: Harsdorf) (1607 Fischbach (today Nuremberg) - 1658 Nuremberg) was a German poet of the Baroque period and founder of the Pegnesian Order of Flowers. He wrote his literature in the Upper German writing language. He was also a heraldist from hobby. *

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