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Restif de la Bretonne, (Nicolas Edme) La paysane pervertie, ou les dangers de la ville. 8 parts in 4 volumes. With 38 copper plates by Louis Binet. Den Haag, Duchesne, 1784. half leather binding in the style of the time with 2 green back plates and spine gilding. First edition, with all 38 copper plates very rare. - Cohen/Ricci 872 - Sander 1705 - Cioranescu 52700 - Fürstenberg 117: "Louis Binet must be regarded as one of the first pioneers of the Directoire style in illustration. He was almost exclusively the illustrator Restif de la Bretonne and endowed the works of this restless spirit with a myriad of coppers, occasionally supported by assistants ... (The Coppers) amaze by the wasp waists and the small heads and feet of the elongated female figures. Apparently Binet has herewith responded to the wishes of his author, who completely dominated him. Incidentally, these copper plates are usually quite interesting, firstly because they reflect the fantastic thought processes of Restifs, and secondly because they give us many an insight into the fashions and customs of the transitional period before and during the revolution. - "... shows how even the most sublime virtue must inevitably perish by contact with the laset. ... One finds the most bizarre collection of adventures and characters... Restif leads us to inns, dives, to free spirits... ...but preferably to brothels... ("P. EnglischS. 482)- Volume I with the frequently missing engravings "Mannon présente" (p. 71) and "Edmond convalescent" (p. 145). - Part VII without pre-title and part VIII without the pages 199-202 - ex-libris, cleaned copy, partly just trimmed at the margin, one inner cover with mounted catalogue description. With 38 copper plates by Louis Binet. Half leather covers in the style of the time. - First edition, with all 38 copper plates very rare. - Volume I with the often missing copper engravings "Mannon présente" (p. 71) and "Edmond convalescent

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