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Zincgref, Julius Wilhelm The German snappy sayings. German nation wise spoken wisdom, that is, whose out of German lands the Popes, Bischoff, Keyer, King, Chur and Princes ... Informative sayings... Samples an appendix of wise sayings of the ancient Germans. With gest. title border and woodcut printer's mark at the end. Strasbourg, Riheln, 1626. 20 sheets, 452 p., 1 sheet. Embossed Pgt. d. At present with initials "H G V T", dated 1626 (somewhat scraped and slightly stained). First edition of his aphorism collection, rare. - Dünnhaupt 1.1. - Goedeke III, 36, 17, 5a. - VD 17 23:250720D. - Faber du Faur 193th - "Zincgref's main litterary achievement remains his "Der Teutschen Scharpssinnige kluge Sprüch", published in Strasbourg in 1626, after the title addition of the second edition shortly named "Apophthegmata". Not only was he especially trained for his task this time through his earlier collected works of a similar genre, he also met the needs of the public with this publication. At no time was the idea, later expressed by Goethe, that a collection of anecdotes and maxims was the greatest treasure for the man of the world more valid than in the 17th century, where even social entertainment was so schematically ordered that it was difficult to do without litterary aids" (ADB). - Somewhat browned, inside cover with old ownership notes, only very few underlines, altogether good copy. *

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