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Press prints - Sisyphos press Faber, Michael (Ed.) The Graphic Books. First works by German authors of the 20th century. 20 volumes. With numerous (1 loose insert and signed) OGraphics. Book design Juergen Suess. Berlin and Leipzig, Faber et Faber, 1995-2005. 4°. Tls. illustrated OLwd. Volume 1 ("hc") one of 100 copies, the remaining volumes one of 999 copies (GA) each of the special edition. - 19 vols. in the printing note signed by the respective artist. - Contains: Hugo Ball. The nose of Michelangelo. - Gottfried Benn. Morgue. - H. Böll. The train was on time. - W. Borchert. Lantern, Night and Stars. - Volker Braun. Provocation for me. - Bertolt Brecht. Baal. With 22 woodcuts and 1 loose sign, dat. U. numm. OLinol cut by J. Süß. - Hans Magnus Enzensberger. Defence of the Wolves. - Lion Feuchtwanger. The lonely ones. - C. Hein. Invitation to Lever Bourgeois. - G. Heym. The Athens exit. - W. Jens. The white handkerchief. - F. Young. The Idiot Book. - K. Man. Anja and Esther. - E. Kästner. Heart on waist. - Ulrich Plenzdorf. The new suffering of the boy W. - J. Roth. Hotel Savoy. - P. Rühmkorf. Fifty poems. - A. Seghers. Rebellion of the fishermen of St. Barbara. - H. Ungar. Boys and murderers. - C. Wolf. Moscow novella (= vol. 1-3, 5, 9, 10, 12-20, 22, 23, 25-27). With original copper engravings, woodcuts, (aquatint) etchings, linocuts, lithographs, acrylic engravings by B. Zettl, H. Metzkes, H. Platschek, Inge Jastram, Wolfgang Henne, E. Göttlicher, K. Waschk, E. Herfurth, W. Sitte, B. Heisig, H. Schuster, W. Förster, I. Regel, R. Kuhrt, H. Naumann, M.F. Furtwängler, V. Pfüller, H. Ebersbach - Very well preserved overall. 20 volumes as listed above with many orig. graphics. Orig. cloth. - Vol. 1 is one of 100 copies (with 1 loose signed orig. graphic), the other vols. one of 999 copies of the special edition. - Overall very well preserved.

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