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Gastronomy - Houseparents' books Ryff, Walter Hermann (Confect book and Hauß Apoteck, Artificially preparing, preserving, and using, Wes in Ordinary Apotecs, ... serving and useful, Trewliche instruction ... in Eight theyl recently abstracted). With over 50 woodcuts. "The Practice Booklet of Leibartzney, 1574 I. (Frankfurt, C. Egenolff's Heirs, 1578). Title, 344 Bll., 7 nn. Bll. - II. ibid. 1574. (Begins with) p. 9-168 (missing title and fol. - p. 8). (Mod.) Pp. with text. I. White 3297 - VD 16, R 3936. - First published in 1540. One of the most popular German house books of the 16th century with many recipes and advice. The beautiful woodcuts show household utensils, mulberries, horseradish, quinces, citrus fruits, wine barrels and much more. - Somewhat browned, occasionally slightly waterstained at the upper margin, in good overall condition. Title printed in red and black. - II. Beigebd. ders., Practicierbüchlin bewerter Leibartzney, Jn allen Kranckheyten, und Leibsgebrächen Erneuert und bessert. With numerous woodcarvings in text ebony 1574th - VD 16 R3998 - Benzing, Ryff 125 - browned and partly stained or finger-stained, partly slightly waterstained. One of the most popular 16th century German house books with over 50 text woodcuts, mostly old colored, depicting tools, mulberries, horseradish, quince, citrus fruit, wine barrels etc. - New boards. - Slightly browned and fingerstaining, only few waterstaining. - Added: Ryff, Practicierbüchlin rated Leibartzney ... 1574. With numerous text woodcuts. Missing title and leaves 1-8. Browned and partly stained or finger-stained, partly slightly waterstained. *

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