[Greece]. "Tempe." Handcol. engr. map, 36,4x47,6, from a Latin Theatrum edition by ORTELIUS, late 16th cent. - Browned; blank margins sl. waterst. = Fine map depicting Mount Olympus and the valley in northern Thessaly, called the Vale of Tempe. Van den Broecke 231: "(...) made by Ortelius on the basis of information from ancient sources, specifically Ovidius, Athenaeus, Plinius, Herodotus and Aelianus. This is the depiction of the Paradise Tempe in Thessalia, at the foot of Mount Olympos, a mixture of Greek myth and history, "where people dwell, meet in companies, and having done divine service and ceremonies in due form and manner, they banquet and make merry", as Ortelius puts it." SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXXVIII.

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