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VANDERMAELEN, Philippe] Map of Belgium, after Ferraris, augmented with the plans of the six main cities and the indication of roads, canals and other works executed from 1777 to 1831: 42 sheets. Brussels Établissement Géographique de Bruxelles ca. 1832 Folio: 43 hinge-mounted pl., numbered 1 to 42bis, partially coloured (some tears and splitted centerfolds). Modern binding (spine missing, used). 3rd edition of Vandermaelen's homage to Ferraris, published shortly after Belgian independence. Ferraris' orthography is corrected ("Montenaken" and "Cras Avernas" pl. 22), but the channel "de Condé à Mons" (pl. 26) is not yet named. The atlas comprises: the "carte d'assemblage" with title and legend and 42 detailed maps, including the city plans of Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Namur, Mons and Liège. Ref Silvestre & Fincoeur I, 8(C).

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