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6 pieces under frames. 1. Virgin and Child (with St. John the Baptist?). Sculpture (oval) on white stone, 14 x 10 cm, "Dépôt Rogeau" engraved in hollow. Under glass and black wood frame and glass.-- 2. Saint Jean Berchmans. Id. 6.5 x 5 cm, name engraved in hollow. Same presentation. Homage to the young Belgian Jesuit who died at 22 years old (Diest 1599-1621 Rome), beatified in 1865 and canonized in 1888 -- 3-4. Double heart marked with the instruments of faith and passion. 17 x 21 cm. 2 pieces: one in silk, various objects and rolled paper; the other in wallpaper mache, flowers, inscriptions "agnus dei" and "Zoet Herten aan Jesus en Maria, wees mynen toevlugt".-- 5. Christ with outrages. 27 x 23 cm, painted terracotta, rolled paper, silver and gold paper. Invoice naive -- 6. crucifixion. Paper cut-outs painted with Passion symbols (without the body of Christ). Seal: Jesus. Sculpture, plaster, 22 x 7 cm, "D.S.R." in hollow on the back. (7 pcs)

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Belgique - B-1000 - bruxelles
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