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18 signed autograph letters or cards mainly from Belgian painters. C. 1905 Freckles otherwise good condition. To the Belgian publisher Gérard Van Oest (1875-1935), founder in 1904 of the homonymous editions which published many art books. The letters concern the reproduction of paintings in Camille Lemonnier's book, "L'école belge de peinture 1830-1905", Brussels, Van Oest, 1906. Either : Albert Baertsoen, s.l., s.d. He proposes several works including "The thaw" and "Grey houses by the water". - Emile Claus, Astene, 24/6/1905, in Dutch. - Henry De Groux, Brussels, s.l., 20/8/1905. For "Le Christ aux outrages". - Auguste Donnay, Méry, 6/11/1905. He will send him a few photos of engravings "ma peinture se photographier très peu". - "Evenepoel", for the painter who died in 1899, s.l., 16/10/1905. For the "Spaniard in Paris". - Eugène Laermans, Brussels, 14/10/1905. At the choice of Van Oest or Lemonnier "made for the best". - Id., s.l., 4/11/1905. For "Les Intrus". - Xavier Mellery, Latem, 14/? 1905. He wishes to recover the drawings he entrusted to him for photography. - Constant Montald, s.l., s.d. On the canvas "Libation" belonging to Mrs. Lambotte. - George Morren, Antwerp, 19/11/1905. He sent her photographic prints. - Auguste Oleffe, Nieuwpoort, 18/10/1905. Sends a photograph. - Picard, Edmond, s.l., 9/29/05. Positive response to red ink on a l.a.s. of Van Oest requesting permission to reproduce his portrait by Lévêque. - Eugène Smits, Schaerbeek, 18/10/1905. For "Diane". - Jacob Smits, s.l., s.d. For "The symbol of the Kempen"; he is disturbed by the illness of his thread. - Alfred Stevens, Paris, 4/11/1905. He can reproduce as many works as he wants and also asks him to insert a painting by his brother Joseph. - Walter Vaes, Venice, 27/10/1905, in Dutch. - Piet Verhaert, Antwerp, 12/10/1905, in Dutch. - Undeciphered, "St Nikolaas", 25/11/1905, in Dutch.

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