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Collection of autograph or typewritten letters with autograph signature assembled by Diane Woldbaum (?, variable spelling) Dobson. 19th-20th c Various formats and ranges. Preserved in plastic sleeves in a binder. Good condition. Eclectic collection by an Antwerp collector, with some first hand pieces addressed to her. Belgian and foreign politicians: Leo Tindemans, Jean Gol, Bob Cools, B. Cardon de Lichtbuer, Harry S. Truman, René Coty (facsimile), Général de Gaulle (facsimile), Vincent Auriol, Danielle Mitterand, Lech Walesa, Jehan El-Sadat. Artists : Jean Nouguès, Kees Van Dongen, Georges Octors, Gyorgy Cziffra. Literators: Edmond About, Alphonse Karr (3), Arsène Houssaye (5), Jules Bois, Juliette Adam, Paul Lacroix, Henry Kistemaeckers, Francis de Croisset, Simone André Maurois, Maurice Maeterlinck, Jacques Biebuyck (2), Françoise Giroud, Henri Troyat (7). Actors, singers, some on photos: Edith Piaf, Charles Trenet, Greer Garson, Grace de Monaco (autogr. or secretary), Gilbert Bécaud, Jean Marais (3), Jean-Pierre Darras, Paul Meurisse, Yves Montand, Philippe Bouvard (2), Michel Leeb, William Leymergie, Jean Pia, Mireille Darc, François Périer. Belgian or foreign Royal Houses: printed thank-you cards, in envelopes from the secretariats of Queen Elizabeth, the Palace of Brussels, the Prince of Liège, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, the Princess of Monaco, the Presidency of the Republic, etc. Miscellaneous: sheet of 25 stamps "A tous les Français", with General de Gaulle's signature, 4 sheets of stamps issued by the Vatican Post Office around Paul VI. Joint: Small booklet made up by the same in the 1930s/40s, with signatures of musicians and actors including Fernandel, Madeleine Sologne, André Dassary, Marguerite Moreno, etc.

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Belgique - B-1000 - bruxelles
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