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Loti's wedding - Rarahu -. By the author of Aziyadé. Paris Calmann Lévy 1880 In-12 (qqs stitches). Bluish green half sorrow with wedges, back with nerves, cover (strong us.) cons. (bl. guards burnished). First edition in bookshops and first edition under this title. The previous year, "Rarahu" had been published by the same publisher but not distributed to allow its publication in "La Nouvelle Revue" that Juliette Adam had just created in 1879. She had asked "all the major booksellers [...] for their outstanding manuscripts and it was Levy who gave Rarahu and Aziyadé to her. Having had no success, Rarahu was to be refused. I changed the title, asked for a few pages to be deleted" (Quella-Villéger). In 1880, Lévy republished, still anonymously, the work under its present title. This second novel by Loti, after Aziyadé, is an almost fictional one set in Tahiti where the hero, named "Loti" after a local flower, recounts his daily life, the Tahitian court, the easy life (his love affair with Rarahu), nature? Ref Carteret II:71. - Vicar V:402. - Talvart & Place XII:2b. - Alain Quella-Villéger, Loti a life of novel. P., Lévy, 2019. Joint, in original ed. 1. Loti, P. - Matelot. Ill. de Myrbach. P., Lemerre, n.d. In-12. Dark blue half-shell with corners, smooth floral back of a ship, golden t., cons. cover -- 2-5. Tharaud, J. & J., 4 vols. in-12. Br., under folders and cases: Rabat or Les heures marocaines. P., Émile-Paul fr., 1918 (soiled cover) -- Marrakesh or The Lords of the Atlas. Ibid, 1920. 1/150 on holl. (3rd pap., no. 191); dispatch s. to John Hogge, 10-2-26 -- When Israel is king. Ibid. 1921. Ex. to gr. cons. witnesses; 1/150 onoll. Our dear Péguy. Ibid, 1926. 2 vols. in gr. 1/402 on holl. (3rd pap., no. 201). (6 wo. in 7 vol.).

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