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LiteratureSet of autographs of writers from the late 19th and early 20th centuries:- RÉGNIER (Henri de, 1864-1936), 2 L.A.S.: Paris, sd (lundi), 1 p. in-8 to Francis Chevassu (expresses his condolences for the death of his correspondent's father-in-law and thanks him for his article on the Plateau de laque). + sl, April 22, 1934, 1 p. in-8 ("[...] Here is my modest contribution to your national propaganda pamphlet: [...] 'The only country we never know enough about is France.")- WILLY (Henry Gauthier Villars, alias, 1859-1931), amusing L.A.S., Baden-Baden, sd ("Monday"), 1 p. in-8 to his director and friend (certainly his publisher): "[...] What I had planned has happened, - oh ! as an extralucid sleepwalker, I fear no one ! - I find myself in Brussels, battered, with just enough money not to return pedestrated to Paris-les-Bains. That's to say that I'm absolutely and solely counting on your munificence. Would you, therefore, please have a sum of between 0f 05c and one million sent to rue Jacob 28 Paris - I will be there tomorrow - at your convenience. I must warn you that if your shipment exceeds one million francs, I will have to refuse it. [...] 'In the dark' will be at your home, copied, reformulated, definitively varnished, on Saturday morning."" - BOYLESVE (René, 1867-1926), C.A.S., Paris, sd (about his new novel and reproductions of his previous novels, Le Parfum des Îles Borromées and Mademoiselle Cloque, and his short stories which he is in the process of putting together to form a volume.)- HERMANT (Abel, 1862-1950), L.A.S., Château de Nétreville, August 7, 1903, 3 pp. in-8 on mourning paper (is not sure to be able to deliver a volume for the Femina collection for lack of time and accepts the reproduction of the Viscount de Courpière and the short stories of Cœurs privilégiés such as Eddy and Paddy.)- BOIS (Jules, 1868-1943), 2 autographs: L.A.S., Paris, April 30, 1912, 1 p.

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