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Constitution, essay in tribute to Mirabeau, silver, 1791 Paris A/ LE DEMOSTHENES - FRANÇOIS. Laureate bust of Mirabeau on the left, below signature GALLE. F. Inscription in nine lines: HONORED/ RIQUETTI-MIRABEAU/ HONOURED/ DEDICATED BY THE NATION,/ TO BIG MEN/ WHO HAVE SERVED WELL/ THE HOME/ ASS. NAT./ III. APRIL. M.DCC. XCI Status: APC+ - Rarity: RRR Material : Silver Diameter: 36.0 mm - Weight: 24.78 g - Axis: 12 h references : H.210 - Maz.185 - Very rare silver strike from this well-known essay. Hennin describes at length the modalities of creation of this medal in his book

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France - 75009 - paris
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