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Turkey [under Charles V], Johann Baptista Castaldo and the war against the Turks in Hungary, by Annibale Fontana, n.d. (c.1552) A/IO. BA. CAS. CAR. V. CAES. FER. RO. REG. E. BOE. RE. EXERCIT. DVX Battleship bust to the left of Johann Baptista Castaldo R/CAPTIS - SVBACT. FVSISQ. REG. NAVAR. DACIE. E. OLIM. PERSA. TVRC. DVCE Two Turkish soldiers facing two soldiers dressed in Ancient clothing Condition: APC+ - Rarity: RR Material : Bronze Diameter: 47.0 mm - Weight: 43.49 g - Axis: 2 h Small hanging hole at 12 o'clock for this rare and almost superb period cast iron. Johann Baptista Castaldo (1493-1562), Marquis of Cassano, was a general of Emperor Charles V. He distinguished himself during the battle of Pavia in 1525 or against the Turks during the siege of Vienna in 1529. In 1550 Charles V put him at the head of the expedition against the Turks in Hungary.

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