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Algeria, fiftieth anniversary of the Saharan Companies, 1952 Paris Soldier and camel driver standing together in front of a camel, signature DRAGO PARIS In a cartouche: CINQUANTENAIRE/ DE LA CRÉATION/ DES COMPAGNIES/ SAHARIENNES/ 1902*1952 and above map of Algeria and Sahara Status: SPL - Rarity: RR Material : Bronze Diameter: 100.0 mm - Weight: 277.00 g - Axis: 12 h references: Esc. - MOmF.78 P.97 - The Saharan Companies were units of the French army intended to control the Saharan territories during French Algeria. They played a major role in the conquest of South Algeria and then in the French presence in the Sahara. Using dromedaries in these regions where the first automobiles could not venture, they were also known as the Compagnies méharistes. The law of 30 March 1902 created five Saharan companies respectively based in Fort-Polignac (Tassili), Tindouff, El Oued, Adrar and Tamanrasset. Splendid copy delivered in a box. The copy n° 303 of the sale Delorme et Collin du Bocage, iNumis expert, of December 8, 2011, realized 1100 euros + expenses.

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France - 75009 - paris
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