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Mexico, the Battle of Camerone oath, cast iron, 1863 A/CAMERONE 1863// MY CAPTAIN UNTIL DEATH WE TAKE AN OATH TO DO SO. Captain d'Anjou standing, surrounded by seven soldiers swearing him in. Uniface Status: SPL - Rare : Material : Golden bronze Diameter: 204.0 mm - Weight: 771.00 g - Axis: 12 h The Battle of Camerone is a battle that pitted a company of the Foreign Legion against Mexican troops on April 30, 1863 during the expedition to Mexico. Sixty-two soldiers of the Legion, besieged in a building of a hacienda in the small village of Camarón de Tejeda ("Camerone" in English), resisted for more than a day against the assault of 2,000 Mexican soldiers. At the end of the day, the six legionnaires still able to fight, having run out of ammunition, bayoneted their opponents. One officer and one soldier lost their lives. Eventually, they surrendered to the enemy on condition that they kept their weapons and were able to rescue their wounded comrades (source Wikipedia). The phrase "My Captain to the death we vow" has remained famous, symbolizing the immolation of martyrs of honor. Splendid single-face font, probably later, undated and unsigned.

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