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1540. BOOK: (GOTHIC). VANEGAS, ALEXO [OF BUST]: FIRST PART OF THE DIFFERENCES OF BOOKS THAT ARE IN THE UNIVERSE. DECLARED BY THE MASTER... Toledo: Juan de Ayala, 1540. 8th major. Gothic typography. 8 h.(including cover with xylographic heraldic shield)+ 240 numbered pages in Roman style. Illustrated with astronomical figures in the text. Woodcut capital letters. Enc. signed BRUGALLA, in maroon Jansenist style, golden wheels framing the backplanes, golden cuts. Juan Bernal Díaz de Luco's coat of arms on the cover. The cover and eight first leaves magnificently facsimilated. Restoration on the upper margin of the last leaves. Magnificent copy. FIRST EDITION of extraordinary rarity, most of the copies kept in public libraries are missing leaves or in a bad state of conservation, since it was a very read work in its time. In several parts of the work it refers to America, and other geographical points recently discovered. Save 2438. Heredia 3731. Palau 351608.

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